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Bamboo fencing is becoming more and more popular among homeowners looking to redecorate their backyards. Bamboo can add an exotic and stylish touch to an outdoor space, and bamboo fencing comes in a variety of styles. And there's an added bonus: bamboo fencing is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wooden fencing. Because bamboo is one of the earth's most easily renewable resources, using it causes a lot less damage to the environment than traditional logging. If you are remodeling your house to make it more "green", then opting for bamboo fencing is definitely a move worth considering.

Why is bamboo environmentally friendly?

Wooden fencing has been used for many generations. Traditional wood fences consist of red cedar or pine. Spruce, white cedar, redwood and fir are also popular fence materials. Lately, however, people have become more aware of the negative effects that humans are having on endangered ecosystems. Over-logging has done serious, and sometimes irreparable, damage to a large portion of the world's forests, and once decimated, a forest takes many years to grow back to its original state. This is why bamboo has become an increasingly popular alternative to wood.

Bamboo is not a type of wood, but a type of grass. Its root system remains intact when harvested, and bamboo plants sprout new shoots very quickly. A bamboo forest can thus produce about 20 times more building material than a forest of hardwood trees, and despite being a grass, bamboo has poles that can be two or three times stronger than timber. But best of all, bamboo can be harvested again and again with minimum environmental damage.

Give your yard a fresh look

But besides being environmentally friendly, bamboo fencing can also be very beautiful. It has a very unique texture and it can give any back yard a refreshing, cool new look. Bamboo, if allowed to age naturally, will change from a light tan to a ashen gray, a process that has its own natural aesthetic appeal. But you can also, if you prefer, stain the bamboo a variety of different colors.


The only disadvantage of bamboo fencing is that it is not very rot-resistant. In order to maintain it properly, one must make sure during installation that the bamboo does not come in contact with moist ground. Add a layer of varnish also. With proper care, a bamboo fence should last between 10 and 20 years.

Designing or re-designing a backyard and want to fresh ideas to think about? Why not look into bamboo fencing?

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